Can I use the HOOK SPLINT RMO for sagittal band injuries?  

Absolutely!  Keep the injured finger in relative extension. 

Can I use the HOOK SPLINT RMO to protect extensor tendon repairs? 

Yes! In relative extension. Evidence suggests a significantly faster recovery and return to work using a relative motion orthosis for Zone V and VI extensor tendon repairs. (Merritt et al. Plastic Reconstr Surg 2020 Mar;145(3):617e-628e) 

Can I use the HOOK SPLINT RMO for PIP extension contractures or swan neck deformities? 

Yes you can! In relative extension. 

Can I use the HOOK SPLINT RMO for PIP flexion contractures or boutonniere deformity? 

Definitely! Apply the splint in relative flexion. 

Can I use the HOOK SPLINT RMO for Dupuytren’s Disease? 

Yes. After open surgery, needle aponeurotomy, and enzyme release.  HOOK SPLINT RMO can be used functionally during the day – coupled with a traditional extension splint at night. It should be applied in relative flexion for residual PIP contracture; and in relative extension for MCP contracture. 

Can I use Hook Splint RMO for general hand pain? 

Yes! Isolate the finger(s) with the most pain and perform the "pencil test" by testing the finger(s) in relative extension and flexion to see if either position decreases pain.  Splint in that position. 

Are there more uses for HOOK SPLINT RMO? 

Many more! RMO/yoke splints have been used for extensor lag, post-traumatic PIP contractures, PIP contracture after trigger finger surgery, s/p flexor tendon repair (after tendon healing), hand pain, trigger finger non-operative management, fracture shortening in the hand, and more. 

Have there been studies done on HOOK SPLINT RMO specifically? 

Yes. HOOK SPLINT RMO has been studied for safety and efficacy. 

How can patient’s clean their RMOs? 

Hand wash your HOOK SPLINT with warm water and non-abrasive soap. Wash it and dry it gently to maintain its shape.  Hand sanitizer is safe to use on HOOK SPLINT RMO. 

Are there any contraindications to using Hook Splint?  

HOOK SPLINT should not be worn over pressure sores, open wounds or irritated skin. Do not wear if the band or tabs are deformed or compromised.  

What code should I bill for the HOOK SPLINT RMO?  

L3933 is the suggested HCPCS code. This code is a suggestion, based on best judgement and is subject to revision.  The healthcare provider is solely responsible for choosing the most accurate code for its application.  SPL INT, LLC is not responsible or liable for the healthcare provider’s coding choice.