What IS a Yoke?

Hello everyone and welcome to our FIRST EVER HOOK SPLINT BLOG POST!

We plan to use this blog as a platform to help spread knowledge about the yoke splint/ relative motion orthosis. The orthosis/splint that is now commonly referred to as an "RMO" short for "Relative Motion Orthosis" was first introduced as a "Yoke Splint." Therefore, we want to start from the beginning and answer the question that we all have/had (come on, admit it :) " WHAT IS A YOKE?!" 

First of all, after seeing many people ask for tips on "how to make a yolk splint." I feel the need to clarify yolk vs yoke

A yolk is the yellow part of the egg that has the protein and fat. The part that kids refuse to eat, even though its more nutritious than its white counterpart (I'm sure that they know that). Yes - that's a yolk. 

As far as we know, there is no such thing as a yolk splint, if you have found a way to incorporate an egg yolk into splinting then please let us know! Otherwise, let's keep those for the sunny-side up.

Now that we all know what a yoLK is, lets discuss what a yoKE is since this is no yoking matter.  A yoke as a noun is a device that pairs two animals together (usually oxen, cows or bulls) with a horizontal bar and 2 straps/bows, as in the picture below.   

The "U" shaped bows were historically placed around the neck of the animal to unite them. 

The middle of the yoke was attached to an item, such as a plow or cart that the two animals would pull together. Basically, it unites the animals to have more strength/power and distributed load to pull a heavy object together.   

I found it interesting that the force from their shoulders against the neck bow transformed it from a pulling force into a pushing force. We all know from our ergonomic recommendations the advantages of pushing vs pulling. So, hopefully that helped ease some back pain! Also, (a little spoiler alert) think about how the yoke splint also helps re-transmit the forces of our digits/muscles. 

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Next, we are going to delve into how it was turned into/relates to the "Yoke Splint". Since I'm sure your all like ok, and how does that relate to treatment of the hand? 

Stay Tuned!





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